When you think of Bali, what comes to mind? Sunsets, beaches, coconuts, and smiles? Well, it used to for me, but now I’ve experienced a more thrilling side to the island of the gods, and I just have to share with you! Get prepared to see Bali like you haven’t before, and like most won’t dare to! With so many unique experiences to offer, you will be coming back again and again just to do it all. Buckle your seatbelts, Bali is about to give you the adventure of a lifetime!!

10 of our best things to do for the more adventurous among us!

Go on, take a walk on the wild side!

1.Bali Dirt Bike Adventures

See Bali flash before your eyes in a whir of colour, open skies and unique landscapes. As you whiz past the beautiful scenery, and get your tires dirty deep in the heart of Bali jungle, you will experience a thrill like no other.


Bali dirt bike tours are so much fun, and with experienced and knowledgeable tour guides who know Bali like the back of their hands, you can rest assured you trip will be exhilarating, liberating, and most importantly, safe.

You will stop off in some of the most beautiful spots to eat lunch, and grab a drink before zooming off again to see some of Bali’s most breath-taking views. From adventures that last a few hours to a few days, you will easily be able to find the trip to suit you.



2. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park – Bedugul

treetop-bali-1Moving off the bikes, don’t let your feet get comfortable on the ground; take a trip to Bali’s Tree Top Adventure Park, where even the most physically fit will be challenged and stretched by the parks Adrenaline Circuit!

Hang high above the ground in the midst of Bali’s tropical jungle, and roar like Tarzan (or scream like a girl!), as you swing from 20 metres high across the course. Walk tightropes, ride the zip wire, and be careful where you place your feet as you clamber your way across the toughest circuits that Bali Tree Top has to offer. Unwind with a picnic in the Botanical Gardens before you begin the next leg of your adventure…


3. Telaga Waja River Rafting

The most exhilarating rafting experience in Bali begins in the village of Muncan, Karangasem. As you make your way down the river and take in the beautiful and untouched Bali scenery, you’ll want to cling on, as the Telaga Waja rafting experience has class 3 rapids, and attracts thrill seekers from all over!
Slopes, dips, and drops add to the fun, and riding through waterfalls, twists and turns certainly makes your heart beat a little faster! Fear not if you capsize, as the experienced raft guides will get you back on board in no time!

The local people class the Telaga Waja River to be a very holy one, so it feels extra special to navigate down this sacred stretch. Photos, and videos of your adventure will be available, and food and facilities to shower are provided at the end of your rafting experience.


4. Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure – Payangan

Located in Payangan, not too far from Ubud, is the fun and thrilling Bali canyon tubing adventure! Make your way through rich and lush jungle, spot the monkeys, and see the rare birds and plants, as you are guided through one of Bali’s finest rivers! These are some more parts of Bali that most don’t dare to see. The ‘flying fox’ constructions make this extra fun, as where the river gets a little too unsafe, you can fly high through the jungle down to the next part of your tubing adventure. Make sure to hold on!!


5. Waterbom Bali – Kuta

On to Kuta now for more thrills in the water at Bali Waterbom park. They have slides to suit all ages, but a few that will have the most brave tremble a little inside (or is that just me?!). With near vertical drops and reaching speeds of almost 70km per hour, adrenaline junkies will revel in the Waterbom fun. When you thrill seekers need a rest, you can choose from a great range of wonderful cuisines as you dine in in the tropical gardens of this park.


6. Surf Lessons

From the comforts of a Water Park into the epic Bali oceans, surfers come from all over the world to catch the waves here in Bali. Many parts of the island are surfing hotspots, but a great place to start is in the popular area of Kuta, where waves are perfect for beginners (and advanced surfers too!). If you want to try something new on your holiday, there’s not much more that’s thrilling than learning to surf. There are many reputable companies with experienced instructors, who have your safety in mind while providing a memorable experience!


7. Snorkelling and Diving


For all the mermaids and explorers out there, there is no doubt you have to take at least one day to dive into the depths of the Bali sea, where you’ll see tropical fish, abandoned wrecks and vibrant coral reef that make this experience exceptional. There are so many spots around to choose from, check out THIS post to see some of the best spots in Bali to get your hair wet!


8. Night Safaris

A couple of the well-known animal parks provide an experience you’ll never forget- night time safaris! See the lions and tigers roam as you pass in caged trams, get up close and personal with the different animals including snakes, zebras and elephants. See, hear, and feel the jungles of Bali come alive as the sun sets, and get ready for a memorable night of adventure..


9. Gili Islands

A little more laid back, but we had to add Gili’s to the list, because what kind of adventurer doesn’t like to take a fast boat to pristine beaches and islands where no motor vehicles or bikes are allowed?! Dine by the sea as you watch the sun set, snorkel, dive, or even trail the perimeter of the island on foot or horse. The Gili islands have it all. Take your pick between Gili Air, Gili Tragawan, and Gili Meno (but we suggest all three!).


10. Dolphin Trip – Lovina

As suggested in the family post, we also recommend to those who like an adventure to take the trip out in the early morning from Lovina, North Bali, to see the many dolphins who pop up to say hello! Many people recommend this trip and find it to be one of their most memorable in Bali! It doesn’t take up too much of the day so afterwards you can explore north Bali and find the hidden treasures that most don’t venture to see.