The Royal Palace of Singaraja, often referred to as the Puri Agung or Puri Gede, was built by Raja Ki Gusti Anglurah Pandji Sakti
on March 30th, 1604. This became the beginning of the Kingdom of Buleleng. It is without any political power nowadays, the Royal Family and their Palace represent an important part of North Bali’s rich, cultural heritage.

royal-palace-singaraja-2The palace is a network of interlocking open courtyards entered by tall gates emblazoned with the owner’s name ‘Djelentik’.

The main house which stands rather grandly and is furnished and decorated in the European style of the time, is clearly the king’s and smaller apartments were for family members and visitors.


The first picture of singaraja King – 1865

Take a walk down the meandering lanes and speak to some of the family who are still in residence and speak excellent english. They will take you back to 400 years of history as if the events happened yesterday.

I loved the grandeur of buildings and it certainly made me feel like I was experiencing the lifestyle of a king for the day.

The Palace is located close to the lontar library ‘Gedong Kirtya’, at the Jalan Mayor Metra. The Puri Agung, which has been renovated several times, is now softly open to public who are interested in the history of Buleleng.

At the south east of the back yard you can see the royal shrine (Merajan Puri).

Address and Hours of Operation

Address: Puri Agung Buleleng Jalan Mayor Metra, Singaraja – Bali

Opening hours: Daily 4pm – 6pm (public holidays closed)


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