Ku De Ta Restaurant, perched right on the endless stretch of pristine Balinese beach in Seminyak. I visited this on a day tour of Seminyak while staying in Ubud.  We took a taxi from Ubud which dropped us off and we arranged that it collected us later.  Ku De Ta seems to have a bit of a cult following but after the rice paddies and vegan eating in Ubud (my choice – there are lots of restaurants there), a restaurant that offers a good vibe and fine dining was a treat.



KU DE TA is one of my favourite places to hang out on Bali when I’m in the mood for relaxing the day away. Generally I can be found trekking up a mountain, cycling through a rice paddy or hitting up on of the many world class surf spots on the island, however, sometimes I enjoy a good ‘chillout’ as much as the next person.

There really are few better places on Bali to catch some sun, have a swim on a safe beach that has no reef, get some good food and have a little sunset dance with a tasty cocktail in hand.

I have seen in many a sunsets here with a cocktail in my hand, the lingering taste of a delicious bite to eat on my lips and my head bopping gently to the groovy rhythms being spun by one of the local resident dj’s.

“The uniquely gracious and hospitable nature of the Balinese and the stunning world class Seminyak Beachfront location of KU DE TA are at the very foundation of what makes this venue so magical. However, it is the reputation KU DE TA has fostered for fine dining any time of the day or night, and the roster of big name international dj’s and performers that maintains the vibe and popularity of one of Bali’s iconic beach lounges”

The food at KU DE TA is really world class fare and is relatively affordable as well for such a high class venue. High-class global cuisine is mixed in with a twist of Mediterranean, and is complimented well by a selection of classic, and customized cocktails using top shelf liquor. No Arak doing the rounds here guys!

Ku De Ta offers a relaxed atmosphere, great food, numerous deck-chairs to soak up the sun and is probably one of the coolest places to watch the sun set over the sparkling blue Indian Ocean.

You can rent surf boards nearby, buy coconuts to sip on or just walk along the sand.  It’s good to arrive early as it gets very busy nearing sunset.

Dj’s play beats all day long, although the vibe is always chilled out, and the staff are friendly and efficient.  So whether you want to rent a surfboard for a couple of hours,  or laze in a deck-chair sipping on a fresh coconut while soaking up the sun, or walk the streets of Seminyak and visit the numerous street markets, Ku De Ta is the start or end of a perfect day in Seminyak.