Bali Celebrated is a collection of information from tourists and locals to help make your travels to and around Bali a magical experience.

The articles collected on this site are from friends of Bali Celebrated who visit places all over the area, take in the sights and sounds of the festivals and for some…live among the people for several years.  The best way to understand an area is to live there and that’s why Bali Celebrated pooled all our knowledge and resources to create a site that allows a traveller an insight into all things Bali…. before they even step foot in the country.

The uncertainty is taken away from the traveller as we explain all things cultural about this culturally rich area.  Read all about the festivals, plan your trip around the recommended dates so you don’t miss important events, book your flights, arrange your taxi, research accommodation options, head for the best beaches to surf or how about some Yoga classes or teacher training for a whole new experience to take home some new skills.

The site has just begun and plans on being the biggest resource for all things Bali on the net.  What makes us different is we are not all about the one type of visitor to Bali, we include everyone’s tastes and interests and offer insight into how best to experience it all.  Because we live in the area and work with the Bali people on a daily basis, we support local industry that offers you great budget home stays but we will also feature all the hotels and private escapes, not to mention yaught charters and diving hot spots.

Bali has something for everyone.  An escape from the madness of your crazy paced lives and a time to soak up the sun, enjoy a massage at the beach or grab a scooter and explore the extraordinary places inland.