Bali is an island and a province of Indonesia, the nation’s smallest province. It’s capital is Denpasar towards the south of the island. Bali lies 3.2km east of Java and is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator. Bali and Java are separated by the Bali Strait. East to West the island is approximately 153km wide and spans 112km north to south.

Bali with its green forested mountains and sandy beaches is
one of the most beautiful islands in South East Asia and
has a unique culture and spiritual atmosphere.


Three small islands lie to the immediate south east and all are administratively part of the Klungkung regency of Bali:

  • Nusa Penida,
  • Nusa Lembongan and
  • Nusa Ceningan.

These islands are separated from Bali by the Badung Strait.

Three decades ago, the Balinese economy was largely agriculture-based in terms of both output and employment. Tourism is now the largest single industry in terms of income, and as a result, Bali is one of Indonesia’s wealthiest regions.

Bali received the Best Island award from
Travel and Leisure in 2010.

The island of Bali won because of its attractive surroundings (both mountain and coastal areas), diverse tourist attractions, excellent international and local restaurants, and the friendliness of the local people.

The film version of Eat, Pray, Love (EPL) was released in theaters. The movie was based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir of the same name. It took place at Ubud and Padang-Padang Beach at Bali. The 2006 book, which spent 57 weeks at the No. 1 spot on the New York Times paperback nonfiction best-seller list, had already fueled a boom in EPL tourism in Ubud, the hill town and cultural and tourist center that was the focus of Gilbert’s quest for balance through traditional spirituality and healing that leads to love.

Religion and Culture

According to the 2010 Census, 84.5% of Bali’s population to Balinese Hinduism while most of the remainder followed Islam.
Bali is a tourist destination which is known for it’s highly developed arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking and music.

Pura Tanah Lot, Tanah Lot temple, Bali  Photo taken by Flickr user: Jos Dielis

Pura Tanah Lot, Tanah Lot temple, Bali
Photo taken by Flickr user: Jos Dielis

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