At present Bali has one airport – the Ngurah Rai airport, located 13km south-west of Denpasar. It’s recently been extended and upgraded so expect a more spacious welcome.  It is Indonesia’s third-busiest international airport and only has one runway!
The airport is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of one day a year – Nyepi (the Balinese New Year). On Nyepi, everything closes down as it’s a day of silence and reflection.

Whatever you do, don’t bring drugs into Indonesia. This is punished with the death penalty.

Interesting info

  • The Domestic Terminal is located in the old building,
  • International Terminal is located in the L shaped terminal.
  • The airport has 17 gates: 3 in the Domestic Terminal, and 14 in the International Terminal.
  • The Domestic Terminal has 35 check in counters, and 2 baggage carousels.

Indonesia Immigration & Visa Information

You can purchase a Visa on arrival (see info below for details) or if you have bought your visa from your home country then you go straight to the Immigration Desk and then collect your bags.

Please confirm requirements for your country of origin before you leave home, even if you’ve been to Bali before, in case of rule changes. Also check your country’s travel advice for Indonesia, for the time-frame when you wish to travel. The information changes so there is no accurate source except from your travel agent or travel office in your home country.  If you are able to (dependent on country of origin) to buy your visa a the airport, remember to have $25USD available on landing in Bali.  Yes, there are ATM’s available but for good planning ahead, rather just have it handy before you land.


Tourist Visa / Visa on Arrival in Bali Available on arrival at Denpasar airport at the cost of $25 USD for a 30-day maximum stay (dependant on your country of origin)

A 30-day visa for Bali Free of charge for passport holders of certain countries.

A Social Visa For Bali Obtainable from the Indonesian diplomatic mission in your country of origin. Usually issued for 30-60 days but can be extended for up to 6 months. BUT, you must document your reason for being in Indonesia and have a letter from an Indonesian sponsor.

A Business Visa for bali Can be extended up to 6 months. Requires a letter from an Indonesian-based company or organization stating that you are being invited to visit for some legitimate reason.

What you can and can’t bring into Bali

  • NO DRUGS in Indonesia. This is punished with the death penalty.
  • No weapons and pornography, as well as any plant products (especially fruit) and Chinese medicine.

What you need to Declare

  • Alcohol
  • cigarettes
  • DVD’s
  • prototypes for commercial use at customs.

(Only 1 litre of alcohol is permitted per person, as well as a “reasonable” quantity of perfume, and 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars or 100g of tobacco.)

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry into Bali. You should have proof of onward travel in hand before you arrive, in the form of a return or through ticket.

On departure, be prepared to pay a 200,000Rp departure tax if taking an international flight, or 30,000Rp for a domestic flight.
Sometimes this cost is incorporated into the price of your flight, but be prepared for the fee and have it on hand when you go to the airport.

Helpful link to updated Visa information

Relevant information and procedures regarding the different types of visas available for those who wish to visit, work in, or reside in Bali Indonesia.