Bali has the usual Indonesian dishes like nasi goreng (fried rice), nasi campur (steamed rice with vegetables and meats) and mie goreng (fried noodles) which are often cheaper here, costing about 25,000 rupiah ($3).

Balinese food is notable for its use of pork and dishes include:

  • Babi guling — roast suckling pig served with rice.
  • Bebek betutu —duck roasted in banana leaves over charcoal.
  • Sate lilit —seafood satay wrapped around a twig of lemongrass.
  • Urutan —spicy pork sausage.

Other local Balinese specialities include:

  • ayam panggang bumbu bawang mentah – Grilled chicken with sliced shallots, chillies and lime
  • ayam panggang bumbu merah – Grilled chicken with red chili and shrimp paste sauce
  • ayam tutu – Steamed chicken cooked with Balinese herbs and spices
  • tum ayam – Sliced chicken mixed with herbs and spices and steamed in banana leaves
  • ikan kakap bakar bumbu terasi – Grilled snapper in hot spices
  • sudang lepet – Salted dry fish
  • pepes ikan laut – Sliced fish mixed with herbs and spices grilled and served in a banana leaf
  • Bakso – The indonesian Meat ball equivalent, made with beef, chicken, fish or shrimps, dusted in Topiaco flour (read more)

Unlike Indian Hindus, most Balinese people eat meat and vegetarianism is only really practiced by priests.
If you don’t eat meat you can try kerupuk crackers which contain shrimp or fish or if you are a vegetarian emping, a cracker made from bean paste.