A blessing ceremony is held for special events like a new House, Shop,gallery, or other businesses. It will be lead by a priest and it will be divided into two parts. The first will heal “mecaru”. This ceremony is dedicated to the God as a ruler of spirits. Mecaru functions as a neutralizer, or sweeps the home clean from any negativity, demons or bad spirits. Mecaru is often performed before the celebration of Nyepi as well.

After that first ceremony is complete the priest will continue to the second part of the ceremony where the holy water is splashed around the house area and lead by Sanskrit mantras, and ringing the Balinese bell, from the priest. Bali is often referred to as the island of “holy water” because of the countless number of sacred springs on Bali and because holy water is the key element in their purification ceremonies. One of the five elements, water represents flow of energy (also known as prana or chi), connected to emotion and intuition.

From the mecaru ceremony, the Balinese are required to always remember the abundance of natural resources available to them, and give thanks for all that has been given by God to us all.

Photos and information thanks to Nana Artana, tour guide in Bali