The Gitgit waterfalls is a beautiful tourist attraction in Singaraja, Bali. There are about 10 waterfalls in this area but we headed off to the Gitgit twin falls. The 40 meter waterfall is impressive and the lush vegetation and peaceful surroundings were a great break from the busy shopping days we have had.  This is a great place to share a picnic, take some time out to be quiet, meditate or enjoy a refreshing swim in one of the many pools below the falls.

Apparently you can do canyoning at the falls which sounded like great fun for the adventure sportsman.  As one review I read said “Going down on a rope is totally different approach of the waterfall, just amazing!” If you want to know more, the best article I read on canyoning in bali was on FRV Travel.


Before you get to the falls you can do some shopping at the stalls that sell a mixture of items but a great find was the interesting spices they sell.  As always there is the usual souvenir stuff so look out for the unusual and unique items.

Getting there

Gitgit waterfall based in the northern part of Bali in the Guleleng Regency. It is about 11km from Singaraja Town and about 70km from Denpasar and 59km from Ubud, a 1 hour 30 minute drive by car. You may want to visit the falls on your way to Lovina or use Lovina or Singaraja as your base and make this a day visit.

Before I went I thought I’d do a bit of research on what other travelers thought of it. It’s got very mixed reviews.

 Although quite spectacular the negatives people seemed to experience were;

  • The price differs for everyone and being ripped off for an entrance fee was common. According to Nana Artana (our local guide), the entrance is 10 000 rp each. (no more than 20.000IDR (1-2$).  If you use a guide you are in for about $5-10)
  • There are often some very determined selling of souvenirs and persistent guides offering their services near the entrance.
  • The walk from where you can park your car to the falls is not for the very unfit.  It’s not a long walk… about half a km but quite steep and loads of steps.  Take it easy, enjoy the surroundings and stop for breaks.

gitgit waterfalls

If you love visiting the falls, you may want to add Les falls or Yeh Mempeh onto the list as well.  It’s less of a tourist spot so quieter, easier to access and really beautiful.