Despite its traditional, laid-back island lifestyle, Bali has become a great destination for delicious and quality food. None more so than the newly opened Locavore Restaurant in Ubud. Situated in the bustling city centre on Jalan Dewi Sita, Locavore is run by two chefs, one local, one foreign, that have a passion for locally grown, organic food.

The term Locavore was actually recently coined and stands for someone that enjoys eating food that is grown locally, or within a 250 km radius. I had a wonderful experience in this small, neat and well decorated little restaurant in the heart of Ubud. The staff are incredibly friendly, well spoken, and their service is top notch. A lot of the restaurants on Bali offer up great food, but the service leaves a bit to be desired, especially if you are used to Western standards, this is not the case with the Locavore staff however.


The Locavore is set out in a way that encourages you to enjoy small portions of different dishes that tantalize your taste buds over the duration of the evening. The presentation of the dishes is also exceptional as each meal represents a culinary visual artwork. Those in the know say that half of the way a meal tastes is the way that it is presented, and the chefs at Locavore certainly have this aspect down pat.

locavore1Towards the end of my meal, while sipping on a locally made Ale (yip that’s right, even the drinks fall under the concept of Locavore) one of the chefs approached our table to enquire on our meals, and to tell us a bit about their concept. It became instantly clear why the food tasted so good, the owners/chefs are so passionate about what they do, and the product that they deliver that it is inevitable that their love filters into the food they prepare for their guests.

Contact Details

Tel: +62 361 977733 Email: Facebook:

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 12 – 2:30pm and 6-11pm

Type of food:

Modern, contemporary European cuisine using local, seasonal ingredients.

Getting there

Restaurant Locavore is not reachable via public transport but you could take a taxi, or they would be happy go organize a pick up with a private car at your hotel or villa.

If you come by car, we recommend you to use the free GPS app Waze. You can search for Locavore using Foursquare as the search engine and Waze will guide you seamless to our Restaurant.