Yeh Mempeh Waterfall (which means Flying Water Waterfall)  or Les Waterfall in Les. It is in Tejakula a sub district of the Buleleng regency, located east singaraja. This beautiful, 30 meter high waterfall is situated right in the jungle of Bali’s still rural and original North-coast. one kilometer away from the village main road (an easy and relatively even trail). . The Les Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Bali and I must admit, if you prefer to stay away from the tourist filled places, this is a secret jem.  For this reason I enjoyed it more than the famous Git-Git waterfalls.

Out of interest there are considered to be 10 types of waterfalls, The Les Waterfall is a Horsetail Waterfall as the descending water does not spread out, there are no steps, and the water remains in contact with the rock whilst maintaining approximately the same width at the bottom of the waterfall as at the top.

You can find parking possibilities right at the entrance, a few shops sell snacks, drinks & souvenirs. The entrance is free but the village asks for a donation.  As with many places in Bali, you are immediately captivated by the lush surroundings.  Head through the farm land that grow Papay, Pineapples, Jackfruit and many other plants.  If you are lucky, you will be able to try a slice of Jackfruit from the fruit farm you pass (although a small donation will be expected).

If you are interested in the flora and fauna you can ask for a guide at the entrance, for example Gde who grew up right there. For a little tip he loves to take you on a journey through the jungle, explaining what is growing on your left and right on your way up to the waterfall, where a nice and strong natural massage is waiting for you.


If you have good shoes it is possible to make an adventerous climb up right next to the waterfall on it´s top where you can enjoy a small naturall water-slide and a stunning view down to the bottom and through the valley with even a glimpse of the ocean in the open.

A good time to visit is between 11am and 12am since the sun is shining right in. After that the sun hides behind the mountains. After visiting the waterfall you might want to visit Les´s beach, which offers a well-preserved reef for a wonderful snorkeling experience afterwards. Bring your own equipment as it is not a big tourist area.