Bali is an international tourist hotspot, so therefore all of the major currencies, and many minor one’s are usable in Bali. Although you can’t pay in foreign currency while travelling on Bali, it is very easy to convert your money into Indonesian Rupiah, especially in the tourism hotspots. If you are planning on heading to some of the more remote regions of Bali, we recommend that you take cash along with you as it is unlikely that you will be able to exchange foreign currency there.

Try to arrive with some local currency in cash just to get you started but if you can’t a crisp 25USD  note (You will get the best rates with $100(us) bills that are 2006 or newer and not folded) will get you started on your trip or use one of the ATM’s at the airport.  Lots of money changers at the airport as well.

The island is littered with ATM cash machines, and Visa, Maestro and Mastercard bank accounts are all available. However, American Express is not as common, although can still be found.

For a fairly accurate currency converter click on the following link:
or for a quick look at conversion to Rupiah, use this link

Average Price of Things in Bali:

(as of January 2014)

  • Massage – Rp 100 000
  • Meal (nice) – Rp150 000
  • Budget Meal – Rp15 000
  • Macdonalds (Kuta) – a regular burger is Rp 19,500 ($1.50 US)
    Big Mac, fries and soda is only Rp 35,000 ($ 3,25 US)
  • Accommodation (nice) – Rp 500 000
  • Budget Accommodation – Rp 100 000
  • Glass of Wine – Rp100 000
  • Can of Coke – Rp 7000
  • Taxi – Rp 200 000 – Rp 500 000

Imported drinks are expensive thanks to heavy taxation, but the local drinks aren’t bad, in fact the Indonesian Bintang beer is great.