FULL MOON – PURNAMA SASIH SADHA (which has particular importance to the Balinese Hindus) ceremonies  are held throughout the Hindu temples all across Bali. The Balinese that adhere to the Hindu Dharma religion will take offerings of food, fruit and flowers to the temple to be blesses by the priest. The Balinese themselves are then blessed by performing various rituals using holy water, incense smoke, petals and rice grains.

full moon in bali

The Balinese adhering to the Hindu Dharma religion will celebrate ‘Tilem’ in temple ceremonies, which are mostly held in every major temple and family shrines around the island of Bali. On this day Hindus make offerings to the Gods, placed on the ground at the entrance of each housing compound. The aim is to beg God’s grace; so that one’s dark thoughts will be illuminated by Him.

Uluwatu temple in Bali

Full moon ceremony being celebrated at the Uluwatu temple in Bali

“Through the cycle of Full Moon and Dark Moon, nature teaches us about the existence of good and evil; both revolve endlessly around our lives.

Full Moon and Dark Moon also teach us that both happiness and sadness are fleeting – they are with us for a season before the cycle inevitable continues.”

Nana Artana (Tour guide)