Bali produces some of the best chocolate in the entire world. The locals harvest pods from native cacao plants and transform it into rich, sweet delights unlike those you can find anywhere else. If you want to see how it’s done and take part in the magic, the Pod Chocolate Factory is the place to be.

The Pod Chocolate factory is one of the only places in the world where chocolate is produced only minutes from where it is grown. This amazing site is situated between serene rice fields and jungle foliage. To top it off, it hosts a herd of Sumatra elephants. Local farmers grow organic cacao beans and transport them to the factory, where they are used to create an amazing selection of high-quality chocolates.


The best part is that Pod Chocolate welcomes visitors to tour the plant. You can see how they make their chocolate and make some of your own while you’re at it. The visit begins with a complimentary ‘Chocolate Shot’ welcome drink. From there, you are taken on a tour through every step of the process. You’ll get a first-hand look at cocoa trees, raw cacao fruits, roasted beans, and finally the sensational Bali chocolate. Come ready to taste, because this tour lets you look with your mouth as well as your eyes.


This is a great tour for kids. They can get hands-on practice in making chocolate and the chance to take home 14 chocolate elephants. After the tour winds down, you can have lunch in the café and top it off with some of Pod’s special homemade ice cream. Pod even offers elephant trekking for the adventurous youngster!

Pod chocolate is just a half-hour drive north of Ubud, Bali. The two-hour tour costs 45$ for adults and 25$ for kids. The price of the ticket even includes transport to and from your hotel. This is the essential Bali chocolate experience and a must-see for kids of all ages.


Photos compliments of our favorite guide in Bali – Nana Artana.