Bakso or baso is an Indonesian meatball and is commonly made from beef with a small quantity of tapioca flour, however bakso can also be made from other ingredients, such as chicken, fish, or shrimp.

Bakso are usually served in a bowl of beef broth, with yellow noodles, bihun (rice vermicelli), salted vegetables, tofu, egg (wrapped within bakso), Chinese green cabbage, bean sprout, siomay or steamed meat dumpling, and crisp wonton, sprinkled with fried shallots and celery. Bakso can be found all across Indonesia; from the traveling cart street vendors to restaurants.

Unfortunately it has become common in some areas to add Borax or MSG into the mixture as a preservative and to make it more chewy. ¬†Over a long term, this is unhealthy. Bakso is a very rich dish and has mixed reactions to it’s tastes by tourists. ¬†Love it or hate it, it’s a traditional food that you will find all over Bali.