Grajagan Bay, or G-Land as it is affectionately known in the surfing community, is a world famous stretch of beach and reef, and home to one of the most perfect surfable waves on the planet. As kids, surfers grow up staring at photos of G-Land plastered to their bedroom walls, stationary sets and the covers of their school books. G-Land is the surfing Holy Grail.

grajagan bay

It was an early, early morning in Kuta, Bali. Not even the roosters were up yet and myself and a few other surfer looking types were sitting outside the Joyo’s Surf Camp offices at 4am, coffee in hand, awaiting the arrival of the mini-bus that would take us to Kuta beach, where our fast boat was waiting to take us to one of the remotest points on the island of Java, Indonesia. The sense of excitement was palpable.grajagan bay

G-Land is a mere 2 hour fast boat ride from the shores of Bali, and is a trip all surfers, and non-surfers that are keen to experience the remote jungles of Indonesia should undertake. Situated in Alas Purwo National Park, on the southern tip of Java, G-Land makes for a pleasant change of scenery after the hustle and bustle of Bali. There are only 3 surf camps dotted around the huge bay, all nestled in the remote jungle that is home to a plethora of wildlife including more varieties of monkeys and birds than I have had the pleasure of witnessing in my wide and varied travels around the globe. G-Land is peaceful and quiet and I found it to be a wonderful way to recharge my batteries

I was a guest of Joyos Surf Camp and from the moment I arrived, was made to feel like I was part of the family. The staff are all local, incredibly friendly, and speak great English. My room was basic, but comfortable, with hot water showers, 24hr wifi, and was also well protected from the mosquitoes that roam the jungle in packs at dusk and dawn, make sure not to forget your bug spray!

Due to the remote nature of G-Land, all meals are included in your trip, as well as 3 free beers a day. Those beers came in very handy at the end of a long day spent in the sun and ocean riding some of the best waves on the planet! The food was ample in quantity, and more than satisfying in terms of quality. Night times are spent either in the lounge watching surf movies on the big screen, or gathered around the bonfire on the beach, listening to one or more of the surfers and locals strumming away on their guitars and trading stories of waves caught that day.


The waves at G-Land are hardcore, and not for the faint of heart. Fast, powerful waves detonate across an endless stretch of reef , and requires a fair amount of experience to surf. Plenty of wipe-outs are had, but I also recall telling tales of ‘the best wave of my life’ on a daily basis. For those of you that are not particularly experienced surfers, fear not! Just around the corner are a couple of stretches of beach and reef that offer up playful waves for all levels of surfers, including first timers.


I would have to say however, that the highlight of my trip was meeting the many amazing guests staying at Joyo’s Surf Camp. A mix of people from all over the world, and all walks of life, sharing stories about home, their travels, surf sessions and creating a bond that is unusual for such a group of strangers. Maybe it had something to do with the remote location of the camp, and the shared respect amongst one another for having made the trip over to G-Land from Bali. This is a trip I would highly recommend to anyone coming to Bali, it might just end up being the highlight of your travels, as it was to me!

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