Only one and a half hours by road north of Ubud – and back to rural, unspoiled Bali – the coastal community of Tejakula is not even included on many tourist maps. Traffic is light, the beach is quiet and clean, commercialization is nonexistent. In the town itself, you’ll find no other tourists, no hotels, no entertainment, no restaurants, no ATM machines, no parking fees. Definitely not the place if you’re looking for nightlife or surfing.

it’s the quiet and peacefulness of the area which draws visitors, most of whom are Dutch and German. No bathers in bright swimsuits, beach chairs or powdery sand, just a wide unspoiled black-sand beach lining a placid sea with just the sound of gentle waves flopping lazily on a rocky shore.

You may want to visit a secret gem in the area – the Yeh Mempeh Waterfall  – Les Waterfall