Ubud is an amazing city nestled in the heart of Bali.


Set against a background of lush tropical foliage, you can find a bustling city where traditional Balinese customs go hand-in-hand with more modern amenities.  Not only is Ubud a center of culture and art, it also has an amazing assortment of curios, shops, temples, and restaurants suited for all tastes.  Here are some of the activities you won’t want to miss on your trip.

Holy Water Temple

One of the most famous Holy Water temples of Bali is Tampak Siring.  This sacred site is cradled in a valley between two hills.  The beautifully constructed temple houses fountains which stand ready to bathe the visitor in blessed waters, removing all negative influences and giving blessings for health, luck, and fortune.  Tampak Siring is situated 20 minutes north of the center of Ubud.  Just catch a taxi or motorbike, and you’ll be there before you know it.


Monkey Forest Temple

The Monkey Forest Temple is a marvel of construction.  Intricately carved statues and fountains surround the site of the temple.  For the local equivalent of 2.50$, you receive all-day access to the site.  For next to nothing, you can get some bananas at the entrance to the site and feed the monkeys that lounge on the carved walkways and in the trees.  This sacred site is just a 10-minute walk from the city center.  For an even quicker trip, you can catch a motorbike taxi and be there in moments. (a more detailed review here)

sacred forest at Monkey forest


Campuhan Ridge

The nature walk on Campuhan ridge offers a break from the noise of the city.  This beautiful path offers a view of the jungle and the rice fields.  At the top of the crest, you’ll find a charming collection of local warungs where you can have a delicious meal or a refreshing coconut.  You can even catch a massage before beginning the return walk.  The entrance to Campuhan ridge is located on the side-road to Ibah Resort and can be reached by a motorbike taxi within minutes from anywhere in Ubud.


Ubud is one of the biggest yoga centers in all of Bali.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you can find a class to suit your needs.  The Yoga Barn has a star-studded role of yoga teachers and a class for every preference.  For less than 10$, you can attend a high quality yoga class or any of a number of other services offered, including movies, tai chi, sound healing, and more!  The Yoga Barn is located five minutes from the heart of Ubud, easily accessible on foot.

Day Spa

Ubud has an amazing collection of spas and massage parlors at ridiculously affordable prices.  Taksu Spa is a gorgeous site located in the heart of Ubud, minutes from anywhere in the city.  Get a facial, massage, reflexology session or more for prices starting at under 30$.   If you’re up for a bit of exploration, you can find a number of traditional shops offering massage, facials, and full spa treatments for under 10$.  With so many ways to pamper yourself, how can you resist?