Few can deny the feeling of achievement, the sense of freedom and joy that comes from riding a wave. However, surfing is not an easy sport to get the hang of, as it requires strength, balance, timing and perseverance, but the rewards are substantial.

Shades of Yoga offers a one day intro to learning to Surf and introduces the value of the practice of Yoga to learning the lessons quickly through similar use of balance and control.

surf in Bali

The Beach Day takes place at the stunning Seminyak Beach on the south western cost of Bali where every morning seems to be as breathtakingly beautiful as the picture on a postcard. We use the incredible KU DE TA Restaurant as our base for the day, lapping up the beach front location, delicious food and chilled vibes.

The day starts with an hour of cross-training and beach yoga and then moves onto the surf lessons hosted by our fully accredited surfing coach.

Surf bali

Lessons include lectures on ocean safety, surf gear familiarisation and then most importantly, we spend a good few hours in the water learning how to catch waves and ride them!


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